What is Pain relief

Treating chronic pain is a real challenge as it involves physical, psychological, social, emotional and economical components. Being a chronic pain physician, I always aim at treating the cause and origin of pain rather than suppressing a pain by conventional ways. By definition chronic pain is a pain which sustains for more than 3 months though its initial causative factor is been treated. My experience over these years tells that it takes atleast 1 to 3 months to treat the chronic pain. It means patient needs to understand that this clinic is not dealing with acute pain which can be treated and subsided within a week or two and get relapsed. Rather this clinic is dealing with World’s most difficult pain which needs time to get addressed by competent doctors. Aim of the pain clinic is to give quality life to patients who suffered painful life for long time. I try my best to make them pain free. In 90% of cases I get success and if not atleast they can lead a life with minor pain and enjoy a happy life. I am that my positivity should reflect on their face and I will apply my best of knowledge and experience to relive their pain.